allisonleighann♥: day 124 - 125. puttin' my big girl panties on.
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Thursday, March 28

day 124 - 125. puttin' my big girl panties on.

i'm happy // because my roommate, another girl we're moving in with, and i just finished all of our paperwork for the apartment this summer! we've gotta get it notarized and turned in, but after that, all that's left to do is wait. it's pretty much guaranteed.

i'm anxious // because finals are in about a month and two of my professors have already mentioned them. it can't be time for finals already, right?

i'm exhausted // because i really don't get enough sleep. according to my UP band, i've been getting around 4 hours and 45 minutes lately.

i'm full // because i bought a bbq plate from a club on campus, and then bought my big and i some cupcakes from another club. win!

i'm ready to move in the apartment // because i've already bought things! like this gorgeous pillow:

it's on its way.

i'm starving // and going to get food with my roommate and my soon-to-be roommate once i'm off work in the Writing Center.

i bought // this cute anchor shirt at Old Navy for $20.

and also-
these cupcakes were delicious.

happy thursday, everyone.

p.s. - i went through over the past two days and unfollowed a lot of blogs. i absolutely didn't do it to be rude or clique-y or whatever else, but i had SO many that i followed that i could barely keep up with my favorite girls on here. thus, i unfollowed a lot of those who don't really deal with things concerning me [i.e. - baby focused blog], people who haven't posted in over two weeks, and people who strike me as fake [because there is an overwhelming amount of those out there]. again, i didn't do any of this to hurt anyone's feelings, but i hope you'll all understand. when i started this blog, i just followed whoever followed me first, but i can't do that and still see all the blogs that i adore.


  1. mmm. Those cupcakes look delicious. I'll keep you in my prayers, girl! You'll do GREAT with finals. I just know it! Keep me updated :)


  2. I might have to do the same thing with going through the blogs. I feel as if I dont even follow THAT many, but I always skip over the same ones and don't have time to read all the ones that I really want to read

  3. Those cupcakes look delicious! I get so tempted when there are bake sales and stuff on campus. :)


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