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Thursday, February 14

i cannot even explain.

first off-
i apologize.
after about a week ago, i became so swamped with classwork, schoolwork, home life, love life issues, friendships, stress, and everything else that i just completely did not have any time to update my blog. i've thought about it almost every day, and i know what i'm going to post when i get the time to, but i've literally had the roughest last two weeks ever, with the one bright spot being that i got to go to NOLA for a few days with some friends.

but on the bright side, things are finally [slightly] slowing down. at least a little bit.
i'm not Catholic, but i've decided to give up social media for Lent.
and i'm hoping that it'll help me to get back on track as well.

Facebook and Twitter just cause so many problems, from drama to procrastination, and i just think i need a break.

so i say all that to say that i should have more time to focus on my blog now.
and, once again, i apologize to all of you.
i appreciate all of my followers so very much, and i cannot say thank you enough for sticking with me even though i haven't been around in awhile.

i hope you guys have a wonderful Valentines Day.


  1. I get how life can be! No worries here. Glad you are back though.

  2. So glad you are back, I was wondering what happened, and I totally feel you. I needed to take a breather from blogging/everything the past few weeks, too.

    I still kind of do, but writing is my release so.. meh.

    Hopefully things calm down for you, and social media is an awesome idea of something to give up for lent. I was going to give up junk food and then I realized lent had already started as I was chowing down on my fiftieth peice of candy in a day.

    Oh well, there's always next year ;)

    1. I agree. I'm actually about to dig through all my books and find my journal again so I can start writing everything out. It helps so much.

      In any case, thank you! I actually kinda started a day late too, as we were driving back from NOLA the day that it started and my brain was DEFINITELY not focusing on giving up anything, haha.

      There's definitely always next year!

      Also- I went to comment on your new post...and it won't let me.
      Sad day.

    2. Ha, I have two notebooks that are already half full as well as my blog back up and running, barely.

      Definitely next year on the candy for me because let's be honest- I really need that chocolate and junk food high lately. ;) Whatever will gte me through the day!

      I turned off comments on mine 'cause I'm a whore :) I'll still be reading yours though, lady.

      Happy Friday, hope it's going well.

    3. That's incredible. I wish I could find the time to write that much. I find time for other things...I know it's not impossible.

      Psh, yes! Honestly though, is there ever really a time that we couldn't use it?

      Hahaha. Good to know. I'll just talk to you on my blog then. (:

  3. I love those ryan gosling pictures... they never get old. Sorry to hear about your stressful 2 weeks... stay positive! :)

    1. They really don't. And they tend to make my day.

      I'm doing my best! (:

  4. ahhh busy busy - i feel ya - it's so hard to stay caught up! good luck with balancing everything. happy valentines day!

  5. Girl i know how life can become absolutely overwhelming! Glad you're taking a break from some distracting things!

    1. It really can. Thanks for the encouragement! (: I massively appreciate it.


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