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Friday, February 22


so, I have three posts in drafts right now because I haven't had time to finish any of them-
but I popped on here for a minute to check on things, and i happened to notice that i finally have 
now, i know that to some people, that's almost nothing at all.
but it pretty much just made my day, as a newer, smaller blogger.

i decided a long time ago that whenever i hit 50 followers, i would do a giveaway. (:
so here it is!

as you all know, or could find out by going to my book page, Looking for Alaska is my favorite movie of all time. and i think that everyone should read it.

for my first giveaway, i'll be giving a copy of my favorite book to someone!
[along with a few other smaller things that i won't mention. ;)]

i know a lot of people use those fancy, handy dandy forms to do a giveaway, but they cost money.
so if you'll just leave a post underneath this telling me what all you did, i'll tally up how many entries you got and decide who won!

Deadline: Friday, March 1st.

Ways to Enter:

1 entry for leaving a comment.
1 entry for following me on GFC if you already don't.
2 entries for following me on twitter here [i'm still on my 40 days of not using, but i'll check to see if you followed].
3 entries for liking my FB page here.
4 entries for mentioning my giveaway in a post of yours.

please, spread the word!
i'm excited about my first giveaway and i hope that you all are too!

happy friday.


  1. Congrats on reaching 50 followers, girl! I haven't ever even heard of that book. And I AM scouting for a new one. So this is exciting!

  2. I follow you on Twitter! (tandaschroeder)

  3. I like your Facebook page (Amanda Schroeder)

  4. Congrats on 50 followers! :)
    I follow your blog.
    I "liked" your FB page.

    I don't use twitter or I'd follow you there!

    Stay sweet! <3

  5. Congrats on 50!! Even if I don't win I'll have to check this book out!

  6. Congrats on the 50 :)

    How about following each other? Let me know on my blog!


  7. YAY for 50 followers! It's an accomplishment :)

    I follow you on GFC and I commented

  8. Congrats on 50 followers girl!

    I now follow you on GFC - numbaa 55 - boom! :)
    and liked your fb page!
    and i follow you on twitter! - @kandcamera


comment, encourage, or tell me happy thoughts.
any of the three will do. :)


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