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Sunday, February 24

Firmoo. Day 86 - 88.

so, today, i finally remembered to do the review for Firmoo.

to start- i found Firmoo through another blogger post [though i don't remember whose it was].
it's a glasses company that will send anyone their first pair free!
there aren't a whole ton to choose from, but once i applied and said that i was a blogger- multiple new styles/frames opened up for me to try.

if you don't have a blog, you can still get the frames for free, and you'll just pay shipping.

with all this, i figured that it wouldn't hurt anything to test them, so i went ahead and applied.
after being approved, it took about a week for the glasses to get here, which, in my opinion, is extremely fast! especially seeing as i sent them to my university P.O. Box and they generally take a day or two to put the package in your mail box.

i decided to take them to NOLA with me and try them out while i was there.
and i LOVE them. i adore them. when i first got them, i didn't feel like they'd hold up through much because the frames are made of plastic, but they kept up with me throughout the whole 5 days. and i'm extremely hard on my glasses. i drop them, i throw them in backpacks, and every now and then...i'll step on them. these frames held up through it all, which is a huge plus for me.

these are the ones that i chose-


and i love them. glasses aren't just for old or bling people anymore [though i am quite blind myself]. i've always wanted a pair to wear just when i felt like it, and i'm probably going to go back and buy more in different colors! you can get the lenses with no prescription, your personal prescription, or even get them as reading glasses [slightly magnified].

other reasons to try Firmoo-

// the company is extremely easy to work with, even after the glasses have been shipped.
// they have a "virtual try on" system, which is pretty cool, even though i'm awful at taking the correct kind of picture.
// if you do have a blog, they'll feature it on their website! which is a great way to network.
// and, last, you can always review other things and continue to work with these lovely people.

and i'm actually taking these frames to my eye doctor to get my prescription lenses put in!

needless to say, i love these glasses.
Firmoo definitely gets a thumbs up and a high recommendation from me.

if you have any questions, they're happy to help.
and they even have a nifty link to take you where you need to go-
Firmoo Help.

P.S. - don't forget about my giveaway!

happy sunday.


  1. I love Firmoo! You look adorable in those frames! :)

    1. They really are amazing! And thanks. (: I like them quite a bit.


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