allisonleighann♥: day 95 & 96.
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Wednesday, February 27

day 95 & 96.

i bought a few new products this week that i am definitely looking forward to using.
i'm not much of a shopaholic, but this week is basically midterm week for me, so a little stress shopping doesn't hurt anyone. right?

in any case, i look forward to using all of these!
let me know if you've ever tried anything on here and how it worked out for you-
or if you've found something even better!

happy wednesday, everyone.

P.S. - STILL don't forget about my GIVEAWAY!
only a few people have entered, so you still have a super good chance of winning! it closes on Friday at midnight.


  1. I have the Kat Von D foundation! I literally use the smallest dab for my entire, so it will last forever. It's on the heavy side for me, but definitely has great coverage

    1. I agree! I love having good coverage, and I have super oily skin so it helps that as well. It doesn't get near as shiny as most other foundations will.

  2. I'd be curious to try the Zen oil!!!

    1. So far, I like it! But I'll give a full review later.

  3. Looks like fun new buys! I love stress relief shopping. I do not love the stress it causes when a week later i realize i have no money because i spent it all hahaha.


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