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Monday, January 7

Instagram and Blog Question.

Two posts in one day, you ask?

Mainly just because I have a statement and a question.

First things first - 

I have an official blog instagram!

it's @allisonnnleighannn.
my personal instagram is still @allisonnleighann if you want to follow both!

i'm quite excited about it, so you should all go follow me!
and let me know what your name is. i'd love to follow you as well.

on another note-
i've been re-thinking the name of my blog lately.
it's just my name: "allisonleighann"
and i liked it just fine when i first started.
but lately, i've been thinking that i should come up with a new name for it if i really want to promote my blog. the only thing is that i just cannot think of any names that i like.

what do you all think?
i know i've asked questions before, but this one is pretty important to me.
your input is appreciated!

and, as always, i hope that you've all had a great monday!
even if you did have to start back with classes today.
all my prayers are with you.



  1. Well, as a blog designer Ive seen a whole lotta blog names... and I think too many people just try too hard and make up a cheesy name. I ADORE how simple and lovely your name sounds. You do have a gorgeous name :) I would suggest keeping your name because unlike so many, it really is unique! Maybe spice things up by going for a different look?

    Hope this helps!

    1. It actually does! I may end up keeping my name...I just want to make sure before I buy a domain name and all that jazz. Thank you so much though! (:

  2. I really love your name as your blog title! It's such a pretty name! I have been thinking about changing my blog name as well though, but I want to change it to my name! Shannah Renee. I love the name of my blog, and it will reach it's 1 year anniversary on January 22, but I want to start blogging about more than just air mail because I feel like I have alot of creativity to offer my followers.

    1. Thank you so much! I love your name as well. (: I definitely think that you should do the change if you've been thinking about it. I look forward to seeing the changes!

  3. Hi darling dear!!

    I just found you on Instagram!! Thank you for following me :-) you have a lovely blog- I love your About Me page and I love Taylor Swift too!! I've been listening to RED nonstop- want to hear something neat?? My boyfriend was in the studio when Taylor decided to write the song, We Are Never Getting Back Together because a guy she previously dated wouldn't stop texting her. Anyway, kinda funny- keep in touch! Following you now

    XO Jenna

    1. Why hello there!
      You are so welcome. Thanks for following me back on Instagram as well! (: RED was played in my car, on my phone, and on my iPod for a month straight once I bought it. Literally.

      That is SO cool! Agh! I wish I could meet him to talk about it! That's so exciting. Though I'm sure he wasn't quite as excited to meet her as one of us would've been, haha.

  4. I recently changed my blog name & had trouble thinking of what to change it you know what I did..I googled "how to name a blog" & it actually helped out quite a bit

    1. just wanted to let you know that anyone trying to leave you a comment has to put in that annoying code thing that no one could ever read. Someone had to tell me this bc I didn't know mine was on either. If you wanted it like that then just ignore this comment :)

    2. Huh. I'll look it up then! Who knows. Maybe it'll work.

      And thanks. (:
      I just turned it off.


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