allisonleighann♥: day 64 and day 65. Deep South Pout.
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Sunday, January 27

day 64 and day 65. Deep South Pout.

i absolutely love the shoes, shirt, and necklace that i'm wearing today.
here's my outfit of the day. (:

shirt // Deep South Pout
jacket // H&M
necklace // Fossil
shoes // Deep South Pout

Deep South Pout is a local boutique in both Columbus and Starkville, and it's my absolute favorite store around. There's not really anywhere to shop within an hour drive, so DSP is my saving grace a lot of the time. Especially lately. I decided, with a lot of help from my roommate, to clean out my closet a few weeks ago, as difficult as that was. [i tend to be a bit of a hoarder when it comes to clothing.] as i'm on a budget, I don't get to buy a bunch all at once, but DSP always has some kind of great sale going. Not only that, if you have Foursquare, sometimes they have discounts for checking in! Along with RT Tuesday, there's always something.

aside from that, they have the sweetest workers i've ever met. they're super helpful, and every one that i've ever met is gorgeous.

shoe wise, they have a great variety. and i've never bought a pair that were over $30, thank you sales. the only downside that i've ever noticed is that most shoe sizes start at six, and i tend to wear a 5.5 in flats.

so, all that to say, if any of you need any new clothing, you should go check them out.


okay, now-
change of subject.
quite a few people commented/emailed me about the fact that they'd love to do a guest post, so instead of doing one...i've decided to do one a week in february! they'll all be on fridays, that way no one should be too stressed out. i'll be contacting the four that i narrowed it down to so i can talk specifics and such.

i'm so excited that you were all interested!

hope you're having a great weekend.
happy sunday!

Disclaimer: DSP did NOT ask me to write this post. Though I'm probably going to link to it from my twitter. (:


comment, encourage, or tell me happy thoughts.
any of the three will do. :)


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