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Friday, January 25

day 62.

this week has just been rough.
all kinds of rough.
the crazy amounts of class, work, and homework kind of rough.

but tonight, i got to spend time with one of my best friends that i don't see much anymore.
she got ENGAGED back in december, so i haven't seen her but for a few moments at a time. if that
getting to spend time with her made my day much better.
and we got Subway. (:

i finished my homework for the day, and now i'm watching Friends with some, well, friends! Ha.

i hope that you're all having a great night, and i promise for better posts soon.
plus, i miss reading all of your lovely blogs! i'll get back to it soon, i promise.

goodnight, all!


  1. mmm, subway! Sorry this week was rough for you. But we made it to the weekend! Happy Friday! I hope next week goes better for you.

    1. Seriously, it's delicious! The fact that it's on campus makes it even better.

      And yes! We finally did. I hope the weekend is great for you. (:

  2. You're blog is one of the few that can make me smile when I'm having a nothing goes right, very bad, awful day. Also, I really love the blue hair on you. You are adorable.

    1. Aw, thank you so much! That's probably the best compliment I've gotten so far about this whole thing. Really. (:

      And thanks. I love it. Just wish I could keep it.


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