allisonleighann♥: day 61. Silhouette Initiation/Installation/Epiphany.
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Thursday, January 24

day 61. Silhouette Initiation/Installation/Epiphany.

i cannot say how much i love my sisters.
i go to a smaller university, and while we have sororities, we mainly have "social clubs."
it's basically the same thing, but smaller and less expensive.

tonight was initiation for the new girls.
they finished pledging back in december and they've been neophytes ever since.
but they're now sisters!
and i'm so incredibly happy about it.

we also had installation for our new officers tonight.
and epiphany-
which is where families buy their bigs/littles/gbaby's gifts.

i brought my camera, but forgot my card.
[blonde moment there.]
but i still got a few with my phone! (:

this is amber. who i've known since second grade and who became my best friend in high school. we're not as close anymore, but i still love her to death, and i am SO proud to call her our new president!

this is the last photo i took with our beautiful current president. i love her to death and will miss her greatly. she is the epitome of our motto of "grace, charm, and dignity," and i will never ever forget her.

this is my big. she's adorable. and i love her.

dress // Charlotte Russe
necklace // Charlotte Russe

happy wednesday, everyone.


  1. oh my god you look AMAZING. i love your mermaid hair, and that frilly dress with the pearls is gorgeous. i never joined a sorority, mainly because i went to a commuter school, but the smaller social club sounds much more appealing to me. yay congrats on your new sisters! :)

    xo Marlen
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    1. Thanks a ton! I love being able to dress up every now and then. (:

      I'm not much of a sorority girl either, so this social club worked out so well for me.


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