allisonleighann♥: day 57 & 58.
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Sunday, January 20

day 57 & 58.

i've been pretty busy over the past couple of days, [surprise, surprise] so i haven't gotten to be on my blog as much as i'd normally like to be. so when it came to today's post, i wasn't exactly sure what i was going to talk about.

when i saw this beautiful sunset in the car yesterday night, i knew what i wanted to say.

i am so thankful that i have a loving, omnipotent, omniscient God by my side at all times.
i've gone through some rough things in the past year, and i know that i wouldn't have made it through all of it without my best friends, my parents, and, most importantly, God.

when i have days that i'm feeling more depressed than usual, i think of Job.
when i think that i have something set before me that i cannot possibly do, i think of Esther.
whenever i feel like i literally just cannot move because i'm so filled with sorrow, i think of Matthew 11:28.
[come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and i will give you rest.]

because of one of my jobs, i rarely get to go to church on sundays anymore, and i'm so busy running around that i rarely make time to actually sit down and read my bible on my own. i pray all the time, really, but i know that it isn't enough. it's not enough to keep a relationship.

so yesterday, Leana and i decided to go to a church service out of town since it was on a saturday night and we didn't have anything in the way of going. and it was such a beautiful thing to go somewhere that i've never been and see people praising God with such enthusiasm. to see people who love Him just as much as i do. 

and i saw this sunset on my way to the church.
it was one of those-
"God really is awesome" moments. Not awesome in the way that we use it, but truly awesome.
awe inspiring.
by dictionary definition-
"extremely impressive or daunting; inspiring great admiration, apprehension, or fear."

God is just that awesome.
i love Him more than i can say.
and i'm so thankful that he loves me as well.

happy sunday, everyone.

p.s. - because i technically need two pictures to make this day 57 AND day 58, here's something that made me smile yesterday. (: it's from a friend that moved away a few months ago. he's like family to me. and i miss him quite greatly.


  1. i love this post! so encouraged by your love for the Lord. He is so kind to give us beautiful creation that reminds us of his goodness and faithfulness :)

    1. He absolutely is. (: Especially when we aren't even looking for it.

  2. It is absolutely refreshing when we have moments that remind us who we worship and why we worship Him. <3
    I had a moment similar the other day when i was walking down the street and a bird landed on a branch within a foot of me. How incredible that not only did God make that tree, the bird, the leaves, etc but He chose to make Me and to build a relationship with Me! <3
    Thanks for sharing this today!

    1. It absolutely, completely is. Little things make all the difference. (:

      You're so welcome!

  3. Hey, new follower! I am enjoying your blog a lot. I love your words about God... He truly is awe-inspiring :)

  4. This is an amazing reminder. Thanks for posting. I truly think you did it for a reason.

    1. You're so welcome. (: I just felt like I needed to.


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