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Wednesday, January 16

day 54.

it's still freezing in our room.
we finally had a guy come look at it today, and he said that our pipes have multiple leaks.
i guess that we're just lucky like that.
but! at least we know what's wrong and they can work on fixing it now.

as for now, i'm working on my homework upstairs in the guys' room.
thank goodness for sweet guy best friends.

on another note, today i'm going to show you what Leana and i are doing to get ourselves into shape before spring break/scotland! i know a lot of people are starting to work out/eat better right around now since it's the new year, and i figured i would throw my two cents in with what we're doing just in case it would help someone else out there. so here we go!

we've started doing this video. i haven't worked out in years, and i'm completely out of shape, so it's kicking my butt. i can make it through the workout without stopping, but i'm in a constant state of soreness. it's a 22 minute workout, counting two minutes of warm up and two minutes of cool down. it's got three workouts: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. you do each one for thirty days. we're on day 4. apparently it's supposed to get easier by day seven, and dear Lord i hope so.

on the bright side, i feel much better during my day after waking up and doing this video. we both have class either at 9 or 9:30, so we get up at 8 to do it and still have time to get ready.

our pantry food!
i drink a ton of hot tea, if you can't tell. i'm the only one, too. peppermint is my favorite. and hot tea is basically like drinking water if you don't add anything to it, which i don't. we eat the quaker oatmeal, and while the normal oatmeal is better for you, the box oatmeal isn't too awful. same thing with grits. if you can eat them without adding anything to them, they're pretty good for you. the wheat thins we eat with hummus, which i'll get to in a moment. otherwise, we don't use much of anything else on this shelf. not while we're eating healthy anyways.

this is a magnificent, beautiful, much healthier version of peanut butter.
it's just crushed up peanuts, and you add water to it yourself. it is SO good for you, and it's actually better than normal peanut butter. at least in my opinion. and i'm extremely picky.

if you must eat cereal, special k isn't too bad.
Leana gets onto me because i have to have my cereal, but at least this is better for you. and it's delicious.

yogurt! greek yogurt is better, but yogurt is great to grab on the go.
can you tell that i'm picky? haha. i stick to my one kind.

soy milk - it's 10x better than normal milk, and while it's about on the same level as skim, it has more nutrients, which is why we get it. we get the silk, pure almond, vanilla. i like vanilla the best, i have a friend who loves the almond, and i've never tried the original. i can't drink it on it's own because it's so rich, but it's great on cereal.
homemade ranch - i'll explain in a moment.
marketside roasted red pepper hummus - also, not great for you, but much better than chips or any other junk food. i eat it with wheat thins, and it's the only hummus i've found that i like. i could eat a whole thing of it in a day. i might pass out from overeating, but i could.
eggs - eggs are good for you! we scramble an egg a piece for breakfast and eat it with either grapes or a cutie and a piece of toast with pb2. if you make a whole lot of eggs, it's even better to use all egg whites and one egg yolk. the whites are the primary source of protein and the yolks have most of the fat and cholesterol.
greek yogurt - we actually haven't tried this alone yet. we got the kind that has fruit in the bottom. greek yogurt is better for you...i suppose we'll eventually get brave enough to try it, haha.
carrots - all veggies are good for you. (:

cuties! gotta love the commercials for these things, and they really are easy to peel. i grab one when i'm running out of the dorm.

not only do we get honey wheat, we get the 40 calories per slice! and it tastes just the same as normal wheat bread. i kind of just love bread. yum.

now for this-
we make our own ranch!
if you didn't know, ranch dressing is AWFUL for you. it has so many calories in just a teaspoon, and i drown my salads in it. so instead, Leana found a way to make healthier ranch. take half a pack of that mix and one cup of this yogurt and mix it together. chill it for a couple of hours before you use it. we put it in small mason jars and take it to the caf with us. it is so much better for you. the whole cup is about the same amount of calories as one teaspoon of normal ranch. it tastes a bit different, but Leana said that it tastes like light ranch. i wouldn't know, i normally just gorge myself with the normal. haha. in any case, it's easy to get used to.

crystal light drink mix (or packets) - i normally drink tons of soda. i drink root beer at work, vanilla coke in our dorm, and orange fanta in the cafeteria. so thankfully, i have these things for taste. i'm still getting caffeine headaches, but hopefully they'll stop soon. 

as for tonight, i'm having my first soda in awhile. it's been a long day, i have a ton to do, and i'm freezing.
so here's to an unhealthy day every once in awhile!

happy wednesday!


  1. I think I'd definitely rather watch The Big Bang Theory than do the 30 Day Shred....I started it once but never finished it..oops!

    I just heard about Powdered Peanut Butter, it seems pretty interesting. I love love love peanut butter so I think I'll have to give that a try!

    1. Haha, I feel that way most of the time. But she makes me get up and workout anyway. :P

      You should! It's delicious.

  2. You healthy healthy girl! Congratulations. YOu just inspired me. I love that Jillian Michels DVD. She is hardcore & I LOVE her!

    1. Good deal!! That's what I'm trying to do. (: She's definitely hardcore, even in this video.

  3. I agree, clementines are so good! And the commercials on tv are pretty adorable. :)

  4. gah I'm a sucker for ranch- I had no idea how bad it was for me :(

  5. That's great that you don't add anything to your tea! I usually add a bit of lemon and honey, but honey is SO healthy (in small portions). One day, I think I'd like to be a nutritionist/personal trainer. I also want to make and publish a healthy eating cook book. Oh, and where do you buy your PB2? here, it's like a a treasure hunt. I've never tried Jilian, but I like her commercials. I do Yoga, Billy's Bootcamp, and I want to do Insanity so bad! But the price itself is insane! I think it's worth it though, honestly!

    Here's to a healthy 2013!


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