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Tuesday, January 15

day 52 & 53.

first, here's a much better picture of my hair.
[also on instagram]

i have been so ridiculously busy since we moved back into the dorm on saturday night.
i've barely had time to breathe, and i'm finally starting to get everything situated.
kind of.
in any case, thank you SO much for all of your sweet comments about my hair. i think that's actually the most comments i've ever gotten on a post!

i should really start using my real camera again, and i'll get around to it, but at this point-
all pictures for the moment were either taken with my phone or my computer.

not only has it been a wonderful day, aside from the fact that it feels like it's 30 degrees below zero with a monsoon accompanying, but guess what i got in the mail?

i'm so super excited to write both of these ladies back.

how're your classes going so far?
i'd love to hear that i'm not alone in the craziness.

our weather went from seventy degrees and beautifully comfortable to basically this-

minus the snow.
i am not even kidding.
our dorm room thermostat is reading that it's 58, but i swear it's colder than that in here.
you'd think that community living would turn the heat on!

but. i digress.
as for this afternoon, i'm bundled up in our freezing cold room about to start clipping coupons.

i'm no extreme couponer, but every little bit helps.
make sure to buy a sunday paper. for us, that's the only time that we have coupons. it's worth the minuscule cost.

also, does anyone know where i can get a cute crossbody purse/bag relatively cheap? it can be online.
mine is about to give out, the poor thing.

i hope that you're all having a love, warm, wrapped up tuesday.



  1. I love your hair color! It's fantastic.

    Have you tried Forever21 for a new bag? Or even Charlotte Russe? The last I seen, they had some pretty cute cross body bags

    1. Thank you! (: I'll definitely check them out, I checked Urban Outfitters earlier but didn't see anything.

  2. Omg your hair is awesome! I want my hair to be purple like Kelly Osbourne, but I don't think work would like that very much

    1. Thanks, ma'am! (:
      One of my jobs is on campus, and they hired me with multi colored hair last year so I figured that they wouldn't care. And I got permission from my other job. My boss is great.

  3. Super cute photo! :) Hmmm... I wonder if we'll get a cold front?! Right now it's just plain hot out and not the good kind with a nice breeze. The kind that's humid and muggy - meh. Enjoy your letters!!! (How cool!)

    1. Goodness! I'm a winter girl, but I'd trade some of it for your weather right about now. Our thermostat is now reading 58.

  4. I wish i was an extreme couponer, the money i would save! :)
    Also, i wish it was freezing here (i know i'm crazy) but the high has been 80 the last few days and all i want is a few months of winter! 90% of our year is spent 85 degrees and WAY higher.

    1. Me too!
      Hopefully you'll get something soon then. (: My roommate would LOVE wherever you live. She's such a summer girl.

  5. Sooo I wish I could pull off blue hair. You rock it!

  6. I like clipping coupons but I always forget to take them to the store with me and they end up expiring! I need a better system. :) Ooh you have ice blue hair to match the weather. Love it! Stay warm!

    1. That's why I use my little organizer! It's super helpful, and I always have it in my purse.
      Thanks, ma'am! (:

  7. It has been way cold here! I hope it snows tonight!!!

    If you don't mind me asking, what city do you live in?

    1. Ugh, I wish it would here too! At least then we'd be out of class.

      I'll email you. (:

    2. I bet you got snow! My friend in Tylertown, MS said she is getting it! I live like 15 mins away from her!..

      And, ok!

    3. We did!! (: It's a couple of inches at least.


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