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Thursday, January 10

day 48.

i know that i've mentioned it once or twice, but if you didn't know, i'm in the honors program at my college. basically, all that means is that i'm a HUGE procrastinator who is good at cramming last minute and learning new things quickly. plus, i'm an english major, so writing papers is second nature. it works out well.

in any case, the dean of said honors college sent us an email last week telling us what books we'll need for our classes once we're in Edinburgh, Scotland this summer.

[back track- after sophomore year in this honors college, all honors students are required to spend a month overseas taking two intensive classes whilst there. thankfully, though, we get two full weekends off to do what we want. and nights. yes. i'm quite excited about it. :D]

i thought, "hey, no problem! i've got months til i need these!" and went ahead and ordered the books. they came in today, finally, and i found out that we have to have the first three chapters read by wednesday. the first three chapters being 80 pages. i know it doesn't sound like much...but i'm feeling like i'm not even going to start it til i'm back in the dorm on saturday. maybe not even til sunday. 

i'm so unmotivated. which is awful, since classes are about to start back.
how are you all motivating yourselves to start doing classwork again?
because i sure need some ideas.

[also, if you have any tips of where to go/what to do around Edinburgh, London, or Ireland, let me know! (:]

happy thursday, lovelies!


  1. That'd rock for us to be penpals! I'd love it! :)

    1. Yes! (: Just email me?

  2. I graduated in May & I definitely don't miss those ridiculous reading deadlines. Good luck :)

    1. I bet not! They're just awful sometimes.
      Thanks, sweet girl. (:

  3. OH M GOSH I AM SO JEALOUS! LIVING in Scotland?!?
    I'll be visiting there this summer...but gosh to live there, that would be grand!

    1. Yes! Living there for a month. (: If you're there the same time that I am, we should meet up somewhere! Take photos and such! I'd love to meet a fellow blogger. :D


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