allisonleighann♥: day 45.
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Monday, January 7

day 45.

i feel like i post a ton of food related posts.
but what can i say?
i love food.
i love the way it looks. i love the way it smells. and, mostly, i love the way it tastes.
so i'll continue to share my food loves with you all.

we actually got out of the house today and went down to the French Quarter for awhile.
it was slightly chilly outside, but in a good way.
and though i'm not quite as over my sickness as i thought, i just decided to ignore it so i could go with my family.
and bring all of you these lovely pictures, of course.
how has your day been? (:

happy monday!


  1. I also have a love for food. :) Thats a really cute cafe.


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