allisonleighann♥: day 44. OR "Oh, how I love NOLA."
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Sunday, January 6

day 44. OR "Oh, how I love NOLA."

I am FINALLY over this sickness!
At least, I believe so.
I'm crossing my fingers, praying, well wishing.
I've even thought about doing some kind of rain dance.
Okay, not really.
But I'm exhausted from being sick most of this break.

On the bright side-
I'm in NOLA! In case you didn't know, my brother, his wife, and their adorable baby live here. I only get to come see them every few months or so, and my dad and I decided to come visit one last time before I have to move back into the dorm this weekend. And while the city is my favorite city in the US, I'm mainly just happy to be able to see my family. I've missed them terribly, especially since I didn't get to see them for Christmas.

instagram showed the world just how excited I was for the long drive this morning.
if you don't follow me, you should. @allisonleighann

but this little one made it all worth it!

we haven't done much today, mainly just sat around and caught up, but i did make a cake!
i don't normally like cake all that much, but it was the best kind you can buy. [in a box, at least.]

the recipe is on the back of the box, but just in case you wanted to know-
all it takes is:
1 cup of water.
1/3 cup of oil.
the funfetti cake mix.
3 eggs.
and the funfetti icing/sprinkles. [which come together.]

my dad thought it'd be funny to take a photo of me mid stirring.
i didn't think it was funny. i've been running after a one year old all day!
but i posed anyway.
[and yes, my shirt does say Hogwarts. in fact, it says Hogwarts Alumni. i'm just that much of a happy nerd.]

while this is possibly the worst iced cake you've ever seen, just know that it's my brother's fault.
he couldn't wait for it to cool so i went ahead and tried to ice it anyway.
it tasted just the same.

oh. and we had chili.

happy sunday!


  1. Funfetti cake is in fact the best cake ever invented. Also, that first picture of you is the cutest ever, you have the most gorgeous eyes.

    1. It really is. How anyone could possibly dislike funfetti is blasphemous to me. And thanks a ton! (: It actually did turn out pretty well for being first thing in the morning, haha.

  2. Glad you're finally feeling better!


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