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Wednesday, January 2


one - i am determined to write more letters this year. i actively sought out a few pen pals yesterday through a blog that i stumbled upon, and i've already got two letters to write before the week is out! i absolutely adore handwritten letters, and there's nothing better than the feeling of seeing that you have mail. especially when it isn't a bill of some sort.

two - i'm going to eat better! i was eating pretty healthily a few months ago, but since fall break back in October, i've fallen off of that horse. it's time to get back on it though. i never gained the freshman 15, and i definitely don't want to add it on now that i'm halfway through with being a sophomore.

three - i will be happy. or happier, at least. i have a huge problem with how much i let others determine my happiness, but no more. i'm learning to be happy on my own. to be independently happy without needing others. it'll be a long process, but i know that i can do it.

four - to save money! this one is kind of a given since i'll be going overseas in May, and (hopefully) renting a house/apartment starting in either July or August. money is a necessity more than ever.

five - to travel. i love traveling, whether it's an hour down the road or flying to NYC. traveling makes me happy, and that's always a good thing. so on any break that i have, i'll be driving or flying somewhere. i'm already thinking of places that i can visit, starting with my brother and his family in NOLA.

i hope all of your resolutions are easily kept and that you all have a wonderful year.
the internet is AWFUL here at my grandparents, so i'll have to catch up on project 365 tomorrow.

happy tuesday, everyone.


  1. I'm relating to ALL of these. I haven't made an official resolution list, but if I did I think mine would be much the same.

    1. I think mine is pretty general, aside from the letters. (: But they're good resolutions!

  2. I love your resolutions and I love how you posted them in a picture. I firmly believe that a visual aide works better than just writing them down. I have a feeling you will kick ass with everything and have a happy, adventurous year!

    1. Thanks. (: I definitely believe the same. Seeing is believing. I hope you have an awesome, kick ass year as well!

  3. hi! i'm a new follower. we are having a monthly resolution link up and you should totally add this post! we'd love to have you!

    We Are The Tabbs


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