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Friday, December 14

makeup moment.

i love makeup.
i really do.
i don't generally buy that much makeup though, since it's so expensive.
i stick to what i know.

but a couple of week ago, my grandmother bought me some Avon lip glosses.
today is the first day that i've actually tried one.

Avon Glazewear Shine in Darling Pink.

excuse the messy hair, as i didn't feel like doing it today.

but i just had to let you know about the lip gloss.
it's my new favorite. definitely so.

happy friday! 


  1. Cute! Good lip gloss is great.

    You're button is officially and finally up on my blog! Sorry it took so long and thanks for sponsoring!

    ♥, Sarah
    The Life of a Redhead

  2. Wow, that lip gloss is lovely on you! It definitely look like a good quality product :)
    And ah man, I hope I might've inspired it in what you're going through. You're not alone in this. Its so hard...but by working through it, we can both be stronger in the end <3

    Trendy Teal

    1. It seems to be.
      Definitely so! Just gotta learn to take our own advice. (: Take everything a day at a time.


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