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Saturday, December 8

day twelve through fourteen.

now that i'm done with finals i should be back to a post a day.
i have all the time in the world.
and tomorrow?

i leave for NYC!
for nine days. (:
and i could not be more excited.

but i should probably start packing.
i hope that everyone's week has been lovely and everyone passed their finals with flying colors.

tomorrow will be my first post from New York.
and it should be a great one. 
i hope.

home for a month!
now- i just have to unpack. and repack.

one of the places that i work participated in Wassailfest.
which is a competition to see what store makes the best Wassail.
it's free!
and there's both alcoholic or non.
to me, it tastes like cider.

lastly - 
the watch in the photo above is a Michael Kors watch.
a girl that i work with owns it, and while i'm not a huge fan of watches,
and i'm actually thinking about buying one.
or at least putting it on a wishlist.
what do you guys think?

here's a link to them-

happy saturday!


  1. Hey girl! I hope you did great on your finals!! Have fun in New York!! =)


    1. Thanks! (:
      I'm just waiting on my professors to post my grades.

      I'll definitely try my best to!!

  2. I'm not a big watch girl either but MK watches are my fave! Definitely worthy of the Christmas wish list :)

    1. Agreed. (:
      I'd buy it myself, but they're pretty expensive. Haha. It's nice to have a Christmas list to fall back on.


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