allisonleighann♥: day 29.
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Saturday, December 22

day 29.

it's completely official.
i have the flu.
thank you, mom.
but, thankfully, she's pretty much over it.
so now she gets to take care of my dad and i.
i woke up last night with chills, and he started with the coughing tonight.
so, at this point, we're just all hoping that we're better by Christmas.

on the bright side, this is my Christmas tree and my dog. this is the view that i have while i'm bundled up on my couch. it makes things a little bit better.

happy saturday, everyone.


  1. Your tree is beautiful! I hope you don't have to spend Christmas on the couch! Feel better soon!

    1. Thank you!
      We always load it up with ornaments that the kids in our family have made. (: and colored lights, of course.

  2. Oh no. Hope you feel better soon! Lovely tree!


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