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Thursday, December 20

day 26/day 27.

yesterday, i got to see all of my high school best friends for the first time in months! we all happened to be home on the same night and met up to eat before church. (: amber, the one next to the girl in blue, goes to the W with me, but the rest of them are scattered. not to mention, one of our friends couldn't make it because she's in Pennsylvania right now visiting her family. it was so great to be able to catch up with these girls and see how much we've changed/how much we haven't. i love them all dearly, and i miss them a lot from time to time. it really makes you feel old, things like this. even when you're only a sophomore in college, like i am.

today, my job in Admissions on my campus had our Christmas party. tacky sweaters were abounding. and it reminded me how blessed i am to have the jobs that i do. i love both of them equally, and i never dread having to take the time to go. (aside from the eight o'clock mornings...but that's because i'm lazy.) i guess i'm just thinking more about what all i'm thankful for since it's almost Christmas, but these people make my days better. especially if i'm having a bad day. and i cannot thank them enough.

since i didn't take any photos of myself at the party, here's my own tacky sweater. (:

i hope your week is going well!
what are you thankful for?


  1. I love all the tacky sweaters! Thats awesome you work with such a nice group, I'm sure it definitely makes the day go better!

  2. always love a tacky christmas sweater party - looks fun!


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