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Sunday, December 16

Day 23.

for once, this post is on time!
which is mainly because it's 43 degrees outside and raining.
so it's pretty miserable outside.

we've been out for awhile today though.
we went to a place called Dos Caminos.
also, all photos today were taken with my phone. it was raining...i didn't want to ruin my new, fancy camera. (:

Our Orders:
Machacado Breakfast Tacos - $14
Breakfast Quesadilla - $14

it's a lot of food, so be overly hungry when you go for brunch.
our server was nice too. so that's a plus.
and the quesadilla was pretty good. it looked fancy, but tasted about the same as anything i could have made at home.

aside from that, we went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Central Park today.

and then moved on to Shake Shack.
which is AMAZING, by the way.

cheese fries, a normal hamburger, and a vanilla shake.
and it was so worth the $13 i paid.
if you know where one is, you should go. pronto.

and now i'm just trying my best to get warm and about to start watching Immortals.
i hope you're all cozy and warm in your own homes!

happy sunday.


  1. I need to get to a shake shack! I get food envy everytime I visit your blog. I love it. :)

    1. You really do! I don't even normally like burgers that much.
      Haha, glad I can oblige. (:


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