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Sunday, December 16

Day 22.

so i didn't get to keep my camera on me today.
we went to go see The Hobbit tonight, so i couldn't have it with me while we walked around.
thankfully, i have an iPhone. (:
and i did have it for part of the day.

i'm about to watch a documentary called Craigslist Joe.
it looks to be interesting.
so tonight is going to be one of those, "i'll let the photos speak for the day" posts.

i'm still praying heavily for all of those involved in the shooting yesterday.
i hope that all of you are as well.
or, if you don't believe in prayer, i hope that you're sending happy thoughts. vibes. whatever.
those families need so much right now. i cannot even imagine what they're all going through.
and i hope that i never have to.



  1. looks like you're having a blast. I know you're having so much fun, but I can't wait for you to get back and help me fix my blog! It's a mess. haha.

    1. Haha I can definitely do that asap! (:
      You're welcome to come down to my house whenever, or if you wanna wait a week or so, I can come there.


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