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Saturday, December 15

Day 21. A tad behind as usual.

but, for once, this post is a few hours late because we didn't get in til a couple of minutes ago.
today was incredibly fantastic.
i didn't really think it would be, because we had a bit of a freak-out this morning that put a hold on everything.
but once that cleared up, we finally started our day.

Mole is a little Mexican place in the West Village.
their salsa [pictured] was wonderful.
a little smokier than most salsa. it almost tasted like a barbecue sauce, but in a good way.

Our Orders:
Enchiladas (2, with rice and beans) - $19
Fish tacos (3, but really 6) - $22
Cochinita Pibil - $22

The service isn't all that great though. They weren't all that busy, but they didn't check on us but once every forty five minutes or so. Eh.
I would probably wait awhile before going back.

Forrest got his first professional shave today.
i must say, it's nifty to watch someone shave someone else with a straight razor.
not only that, but the barber, Igor, gives out free candy and alcohol!
friendly, much?

after we took about an hour or so to warm up at the apartment, we headed back out to Times Square. (:

on our way out we stopped by...

and got a peppermint cupcake to split.
tis the season, right? (:

it was probably one of the best cupcakes i've ever eaten.
if not the best.
and they're HUGE. totally worth the buy. we're going to go back and get another one later.

and last, but not least, the MnM shop workers are my favorite people of the week.
i had a video of it, but blogger won't let me upload.
in any case, they were doing the cha cha slide upstairs while it played over their store speakers.
it made me smile to see other people so happy.
especially since it was past midnight at this point.

i hope you all have had a wonderful week.
and have a great weekend!



  1. I need to visit NYC again, they have so many new stores in Times Square since I last went! The peppermint cupcake looks soo good!

    1. We spent HOURS there last night and only went into four stores. It's insane!
      And it was. It definitely was. I love anything peppermint though. (:


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