allisonleighann♥: Day 20. OR it's super friggin' freezing outside.
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Thursday, December 13

Day 20. OR it's super friggin' freezing outside.

the title says it all.
it is SO incredibly cold outside, and i guess i haven't noticed much of it until today because we haven't been outside all that long.
but today we had to wait on a subway at an outside station.
and it was cold.
i mean really cold.
so cold, that this is how we looked.

aside from the cold, though. we had a pretty good day.

the sparkling clementine Izze drinks are my ABSOLUTE favorite. 
i found a card that had the "i love you" on it, but was blank on the inside. i didn't buy it, but i wish that i had.
i had gelato. (: it was a lemon sorbet and a vanilla.

but the best thing about the day was DEFINITELY DiFara's Pizza.
we got the basic pie.
you should call it in about an hour before, because it'll be a little longer than that on the wait.
but it's worth it.
words cannot describe how good it is.
and they're the sweetest people ever.
i'm pretty sure it's just one family that runs it, and one man that makes all the pizzas.

in any case,
we're in early tonight.
so i'm popping popcorn and grabbing a blanket and we're going to watch Paranormal Activity 2.
[because they haven't seen it.]

 i hope you've all had a lovely day!

happy thursday.

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comment, encourage, or tell me happy thoughts.
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