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Tuesday, December 11

Day 18.

to all of you lovely ladies and gentlemen out there,
i just want to say that i hope you're all having a wonderful holiday.
and that i am breaking down and about to be an awful tourist.
i'm going to get McDonald's when i'm done with this post.

i adore new things.
and i love trying new things.
but i am craving some cheap, delicious, greasy food that will take two minutes to get.

so with that being said-
here's the place that we actually ate at today. (:

this morning we went to a place called the
Trailer Park Lounge & Grill.

it was absolutely delicious.
and it was SO much food.
dear Lord.

Our Orders:
mother-in-law's revenge burger - $12.95
chili bacon cheese tots - $9.95
serious nachos (with turkey chili) - $11.95

my photo is of the tots.
all three of us ate, and we still have about half of the tots and half of the nachos that we put in the refrigerator to eat as leftovers.

i promised photos of the new jacket and shoes that i got yesterday.
so here you go. (:

leather jacket // H&M
scarf // Rue21
skirt // Charlotte Russe
[flannel] leggings // Payless
boots // Aldo

the boots are ridiculously comfortable.
well worth the money spent.

the jacket is warm enough for the NYC cold as well.
and it was only $50!
H&M is possibly my new favorite store.

we went to Union Square later tonight and i ended up getting this gem as well.


other than that, we basically just walked around and went sight seeing today.
i have a bunch of random pictures from our meandering.

the chocolate bar has THE best peppermint classic liquid chocolate.
no doubt.

i hope that you all go out and try all of these places someday.
as for me, i'm heading to go get mcdonald's.
once i've finished my elderberry tea. (:

happy tuesday!


  1. Ah I love New York!! Glad you got there safely! Isn't there tons of stuff to do!! =) I would definitely go to Max Brenner''s near Union Square!! Love your new jacket & head band! =)

    1. Thank you tons! I am too. I love flying...but it does make me nervous. We're definitely planning on going at some point this week. (:

      The head band is actually super warm too!

  2. I'm drooling over those chili bacon cheese tots. And the Chocolate Bar sounds amazing! :)

    1. They're worth the drool, believe me. I'm about to heat up the leftovers now. And it is! Definitely worth going to. (:

  3. Living vicariously through you! These photos are wonderful and I love your outfit! As far as McDonalds, don't feel bad. When I traveled through Europe, despite having and abundance of culinary delights to choose from, I would scope out the nearest Mickey-D's...

    Sometimes you just need a big mac and fries. :D

    1. Thank you tons!
      And that makes me feel ten billion times better, haha. Sometimes it really is just needed.


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