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Monday, December 10

Day 17.

if i could give any advice to people on what to expect while in NYC, it would definitely be to bring good shoes. you will walk more than you have ever walked in your life. except those crazy people that run marathons. but they don't really count.

seriously, though. i walked for hours today. everything is so beautiful, and definitely worth the walking, but if you decide to try to fit in with the crazies walking around wearing four inch heels and wobbling with every step they take, you're probably going to fall. they live here. they have practice. it is not as easy as it looks.

we went to some great places today though.
and i got some really nifty boots and a leather jacket while we were out.
[pictures will be posted of them tomorrow.]

there's a ridiculously gorgeous restaurant in Chelsea called the Spice Market.
excuse the picture, as i didn't want to pull out my camera and be THAT tourist taking photos in a nice restaurant.

obviously, from our lack of food left, you can tell that it was good.
and it really wasn't all that expensive either. they give good portions.

Our Orders:
chicken skewers with a lime dipping sauce - $9.00
vietnamese chicken curry - $18.00
spiced chicken samosas with cilantro yogurt - $11.50

we ended up just sharing everything that we got, and, surprisingly enough, i loved it all!
i'm an EXTREMELY picky eater, so that says a lot for this restaurant.
it all had a bit of spiciness to it, but nothing was too hot, and all the dishes complimented each other well.

later this afternoon, we went to Keste for dinner.

this pizza place is in the west village, and it's only about two blocks from the subway.
obviously, like all great pizza places, the staff was very much Italian and extremely friendly.

Our Orders:

Margherita Pizza - $13.00
Prosciutto Cotto - $16.00

i only tried the prosciutto, because i really wasn't all that hungry. but it was pretty good.
i'm generally more of just a "extra pepperoni and cheese" pizza kind of person, but it was worth the money.

aside from food, we literally walked around 5th avenue for hours.
more about that tomorrow.
but i did get a few pictures. (:

oh, and we had macaroons. (:

happy monday!


  1. I've never had macarons but I want to try them so bad! What beautiful pictures. Wish I was there now.

    1. Oh, they're so good. I hadn't had one til about a year ago. But they're just yummy. And there's all different kinds. That one was raspberry.

      Thank you!
      You should go soon. (:

  2. AH, New York City. I love it. Hope you are having fun! Thanks for the comment on my blog. I'm now following yours, and I will be coming back for more!


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