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Thursday, November 22

obligatory thanksgiving post.

today, i am thankful for-

having both sets of my grandparents.
my cousin Taylor, who went to go see Wreck It Ralph with me.
purses, because they help me sneak food into the theatre.
random, loving texts from friends.
the 20 years I've been alive.
my Savior's love. and His plan for my life.
[third] chances. 
my parents.
good music.
my dad's dressing. and sweet potato pie.
my sister's baked beans.
laughing, rambunctious little children.
Christmas lights.
air conditioners.
queen size beds.
vanilla coke.
NCIS and The Big Bang Theory.
my dog.

and most importantly-


  1. What a beautiful thankful for list.
    It's such a great thing to be reminded of how grateful our lives really are.

    1. It really is.
      It's sad that it's basically all in one week that we remember to be thankful.
      But at least it does happen.


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