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Saturday, November 24

awards are cool.

i was nominated!
and i couldn't be more excited about it. (:
thanks you tons, Lexi.

so, what is this?
first- tell eleven things about yourself.
second, answer the eleven questions that the nominator asked of you.
third, come up with your own eleven questions.
then nominate your own people.
and tell them so they can feel nifty and get to answer these questions as well.
[and no re-asking the people who asked you.]

11 Things:
1- i watch the big bang theory and NCIS every single time that i'm home. i DVR it while i'm gone.
2- i wish that every photo could be in black and white.
3- i love to decorate. i can't wait for next summer since we'll have our own place instead of a dorm.
4- i have really strong emotions. when i'm happy, i'm super happy. when i'm should run.
5- Halloween is my favorite holiday.
6- my favorite TV show is Supernatural. and Pretty Little Liars.
7- i've been dying my hair since Christmas when i was 13. i'm 20.
8. i really hate cowboy boots. unless they're actually being used for a purpose.
9- i'm going to NYC for the first time on the 9th of December.
10- one of my best friends is a high school ex boyfriend.
11- i adore my dog.

Lexi wants to know:
// What is the most minuscule quantity of money you would shave your head completely for?
oh, wow. erm, a million dollars. i really love my hair. and, that way, i'd have enough money to buy some gorgeous wigs.

// How many humans of the opposite gender have you smooched? 
i'm gonna count out cutesy elementary "kisses," so...
9. and I've had four boyfriends.

// Favorite author?
JKR. just off of the fact that i'm in love with the HP books. she's incredible.

// Favorite book?
Looking for Alaska. no doubt.

// Favorite time of day?
if i can make myself get up, the few minutes after sunrise when everything seems ethereal. it's beautiful. but otherwise, extremely late at night. i'm wired to be a night person.

// If you could have any question answered about your future what would it be?
if i'm happy. and if i'm not, what i did to make myself unhappy. so i could fix it.

// Favorite Christmas song and by whom?
all i want for christmas is you OR o holy night. i love them both. no matter who's singing them.

// Favorite word?
mm...that's difficult. i like a lot of words. i don't really know. but i really love words that sound like what they mean.

// Favorite quote?
since i adore quotes, i don't really have one.
but this one is in my top five.
it's from Titanic.

i got air in my lungs, a few blank sheets of paper. i mean, i love waking up in the morning not knowing what's gonna happen or who I'm gonna meet, where I'm gonna wind up. i figure life's a gift and i don't intend on wasting it. you don't know what hand you're gonna get dealt next. you learn to take life as it comes at make each day count.

// Imagine, a six inch wide, board was placed from one of the twin towers to the next (before 911 of course) you stood on one end, and everything you've ever know on the on the other (excluding loved ones) name 3 things you'd be willing to walk, across the board for!
material things? my journals, my bear, and my paddle from my social club.

// Are you smarter than a 5th grader?
eh, sometimes. depends on what we're talking about.
little kids can be a lot smarter than people in their 20s.
with their simplistic way of looking at the world.

my askees:

my questions:
// what's your favorite tv show? why?
// if you were allowed to buy one thing, with no monetary limit, what one thing would it be?
// who's your favorite family member?
// what made you want to stop blogging?
// what's your favorite state?
// favorite band?
// what's your favorite Christmas movie?
// sunshine or rain?
// driving or flying?
// what made you want to start blogging?
// biggest inspiration?

you should all actually do this. and tag me in it so i'll remember to read it.
it's fun.
doesn't take much time.
i did it while watching one of my daily episodes of NCIS.

happy saturday!


  1. ahh, thank you for the nomination! :) i loved reading your answers.

    i'm SO jealous you get to go to NYC - NO FAIR!

    also, one of my best friends is an ex, too. i loved reading that because everyone makes fun of me & tells me that can't really work. it can definitely work, if you choose not to be awkward about it

    1. you're so welcome!
      i can't wait to read yours! (:

      i am SO beyond excited to go!
      i'm actually going with that ex boyfriend, haha. we're staying with his sister for nine days.
      it definitely can work. he's truly my best friend, and it's mainly because we don't have any awkwardness.


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