allisonleighann♥: day two. and Christmas lights.
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Sunday, November 25

day two. and Christmas lights.

today was one of the most random, awesome days i've had in awhile.

i went back to my home church to surprise my parents and my mom couldn't have been more excited.
it was nice to see all the people i grew up around as well.

i didn't do any of the homework that i should have done.
i didn't study for any of my finals.


i walked around campus to see the decorations that they're starting to put up.
i love that my college is festive.

i went to Forrest's house because i hadn't seen him in awhile.
and he played with my roommates camera.

then i hung out with some guys in my dorm that i don't get to see much.
watched a horror movie marathon.

went with them to a gas station barefoot, but remembered to bring my camera.

then went back and got shoes and made them go with me to Main Street.
and we just walked around and saw some Christmas lights. (:
and local graffiti.

i love this season.

it was a great night.
but today?
yeah...i should have done my homework.
i have so much to do.

hope you all had a good weekend!

1 comment:

  1. cameras are more important than shoes, obviously :) Priorties!


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