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Friday, November 23

black friday.

I didn't actually plan on buying anything today.
I had to be at work at eleven and I didn't get off til two.
But on the way home...i noticed that some stores were still going strong, so I decided to stop in.

Thankfully, I didn't spend too much.

But then I realized that I really need some more tank tops.
I almost never buy new ones, and my old ones are getting ready to throw away.

So I searched all of the stores that I could think of online, looking for the cheapest ones.
And then realized that tank tops are expensive!
After looking at multiple sites, I thought I was never going to find cheap, good quality tanks.

Until I stumbled upon Forever 21's collection.
I bought five.

This one was my favorite-

And the best part about them?
They cost $2.80 a piece.

you go.

Happy shopping, all!


  1. helllo pumkin! consider yourself involved.

  2. You're the best. And you basically just made my night. :)


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